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Subterranean Termites


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Do I have Termites?

Termite Swarmer’s – The first sign of an active colony flying near windows and sunlight leaving their discarded wings behind. As termites look like flying ants and are active all year, expert professionals can inspect to identify and address the correct identification. Termites are very secretive pests and can be living within your home or property for many years without detection as more obvious signs are seen by the damage they cause.

Floor damage – Flooring is an easy target for termites to attack. When Termites invade a home, they start from the foundation up. Early signs are easy to miss and become more obvious as years pass.

Wall damage – Look for cracks on internal walls. As termites consume cellulose found in timber within walls, mud will be left behind. A small hole called a kick-out is the first sign of wall damage.

Ceiling damage – Wooden ceilings, beams, rafters in attics, frames around doors and windows. Look for cracks or loose soft wood on any sheetrock or wood you can see.

Foundation damage –  Although most foundations are made of concrete and termites don’t eat concrete they’re able to squeeze through the expansion joint gaining access to your home. Homes with crawl spaces are at greater risk of damage since their foundations are traditionally made of wood.

Windows/Doors – Window and Door frames are a easy target and can be identified by checking if the wood is soft or damaged.

Mud tubes – Mud tubes is an act of protection and are commonly found near the foundations of your home. Usually, subterranean termite species build mud tubes because this provides moisture for them. They are made of termite droppings & soil. Look for mud tubes on both interior exterior or basement walls. They are simple to see with the naked eye.

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